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Intercede 2006

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The Role of Dreams and Visions in Reaching Muslims


Throughout the Bible, God has revealed His heart and mission to draw all people to himself. “All people” includes Muslims. Yet some Christians see the conversion of Muslims as an impossibility or, at the least, a rarity. God continually sends people to minister among Muslims. God performs signs and wonders among them. In fact, Stuart Robinson surveyed 600 Muslim background believers and found six reasons Muslims chose to follow Jesus. 

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The Muslim Perspective of Jerusalem

March - April

Without question, one of the greatest controversies in the world rages over Jerusalem, a city held sacred by the three monotheistic faiths—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Most Christians understand why Jerusalem is important to them and Jews, but they question the Muslims’ claim to the holy city. Since Muhammad ministered in Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, what connection do Muslims have with this city in Israel? There are three major reasons why Muslims feel connected, not only to Jerusalem, but also to Palestine.


The Rise of Eurabia?


Not since the fall of Granada in 1492 and the subsequent Battle of Vienna in 1683 has the presence of Islam been felt so deeply in Western Europe. The rapid growth of Muslim communities has become the preeminent sociopolitical and religious issue confronting all of Europe. The resulting conflict not only reverberates among European political and religious leaders, but is keenly felt by ordinary European citizens. Muslim presence in Europe was minimal prior to 1945. The first wave of Muslims who came to Europe shortly after World War II were either those who emigrated from former European colonies as a consequence of decolonization or were “guest workers” recruited for industrial development in Europe.

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Shadow of the Crescent: Islam in America


"According to Muslim teachings, God first revealed His word in the Holy Qur’an to the prophet, Muhammad, during the month of Ramadan. That word has guided billions of people across the centuries, and those believers built a culture of learning and literature and science. All the world continues to benefit from this faith and its achievements" President George W. Bush, Nov 19, 2001

Issued from the White House, these public statements from sitting American presidents illustrate Islam’s emergence as a major religion in America. Muslims in America are changing the cultural landscape at an ever-increasing pace.

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The Shia: Islam's 120 Million Minority


In a display reminiscent of a tribal blood-fest, a Shia Muslim crowd of several hundred gathers near Tehran,
preparing to offer homage to martyrdom. It is the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, and the Ashura festival has begun. The thud of metal on flesh reverberates as men whip their backs with pointed lengths of chain. Others strike their heads with knives or razors, slapping their chests and chanting to the point of collapse.
White ceremonial garments are soaked in blood. Women hold young boys high, their scalps split in the same manner as their fathers. The throng revels in these frenzied acts, the primal pitch and surge ending in absolute exhaustion.

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From All Nations--To All Nations


With the almost universal hatred of Americans throughout the Muslim world because of American support for Israel, the sense of shame that ‘infidel Western Christians’ are occupying an Arab country, the prisoner abuse photos from Iraq, etc., I wonder if God has raised up these brothers and sisters [non-Americans] to fill the ranks of American missionaries who are finding it harder and harder to stay and work in Muslim lands. Yes, I think this is
their time, their ‘hour’ on the stage of missions.”

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