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Intercede 2011

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Muslim Theological Objections
to Christianity


Wherever you meet Muslims and have the opportunity to discuss your faith, their first objection is often to the truthfulness of God’s Word. They have been taught that the book we claim is God’s Word is, in fact, not His Word, but a book that no longer contains God’s truth. They believe it has been changed, perhaps by our forefathers, so it is no longer trustworthy. They have been told not to read it because it will lead them astray. Nowhere in the Quran is an understanding of how the Bible came to be, what it really is, or that its central theme is Christ. Even if the first objection from your Muslim friend deals with Jesus and what He did or said, in reality, the attack is being directed toward the written Word.

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The Insider Movement: A Brief Overview and Analysis

March - April

An astounding phenomenon, though not exclusive to ministry to Muslims, is overtaking much missionary work among Muslims. A growing number of professing Christians involved in witness to Muslims are a part of what is called, "Insider Movements,” or the “Insider Movement.” This controversial approach to ministry has resulted in many of its proponents affirming that Muhammad was a prophet from God, the Quran is at least partially-inspired Scripture, and it is possible for Muslims to retain their Muslim identity as “Muslim followers of Christ.”

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Revolution in the Arab Muslim World


I hope you are watching all that is going on in the Muslim world. God is on the move. Muslims are tired of oppression and many are seeking freedom. It is clear that Islam has failed as a political and a social system. Muammer al-Qaddafi, who has funded the building of mosques and the propagation of Islam throughout the Western world, is now using his guns and jets on his own people. Why? Because political Islam is all about gaining and keeping power.

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The Role of the Mosque in Islam


Mosques are the outward and visible symbol of Islam. The mosque is the most important institution in Islam, serving as a house of worship and as the center of authority and of communal life for Muslims throughout Islamic history. It has also been the central point for the dissemination of Islamic beliefs and practices. The word ‘mosque’ (masjid in Arabic) is derived from a root meaning ‘to prostrate,’ one of the postures of Islamic worship. Another commonly used word for mosque is jamaa, derived from a root word meaning ‘to gather’ or ‘gathering.’

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The Muslim Jesus


Some argue that the Jesus of the Muslim sources, the Quran and hadith, is essentially the same as the Jesus of the New Testament. Christians view Jesus Christ as the second person in the Godhead, the Lord who is to be worshiped and adored. Christ’s incarnation and substitutionary death on the cross are seen as God’s redemptive plan from all eternity, forming the basis of God’s offer of free salvation to all who believe.

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What is Prayer?


During his lifetime, Samuel Zwemer (18-67-1952) was alternately call the "Apostle to Muslims" and the "Apostle to Islam." Zwemer was one of the founders and pioneer missionaries of the Arabian Mission in the Arabian Gulf. He was a prolific author, writing mainly on the subjects of missions to Muslims, Islam, evangelism, and theology. This article provides a glimpse into the source of his passion for reaching Muslims with the gospel--his prayer life. 

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