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Intercede 2012

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When Muslims Ask, "Who is Jesus?


As we see increasing evidence that the Spirit of God is moving across the Muslim world, more Muslims are asking the question, “Who is Jesus?” They may not be asking it of Christians or out loud, but it is certainly on their minds. Other Muslims ask it with an antagonistic attitude seeking to argue with us over this central Christian belief. Some will come to us sincerely wanting to know the answer from a true follower of Jesus. What shall we say to them and how shall we convey this truth?

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God's 'Hello' to Muslim Women: Christian Friendship

March - April

If every Muslim woman and girl were to stand shoulder to shoulder in a straight line, that line would wrap around the world more than eleven times! Sadly, the vast majority of Muslim girls have never heard an adequate witness of the gospel — not even once.

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Sufism and 'the Beloved'


La ilaha illallah, la ilaha illallah, la ilaha illallah (there is no deity but Allah) … on and on flow the words of the Arabic chant in cadence with the rhythmic heartbeat of the Sufi Muslim who is enthralled by the prospect of connecting with God. A Sufi Muslim is well-acquainted with the practice of Islamic chanting known as dhikir. It is the defining characteristic of a Muslim who has embraced Sufism.

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What is Ramadan?


On August 1, 2011, President Obama released a statement marking the first day of Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims. He acknowledged its significance and wished Muslims, both locally and around the world, a blessed month. The fact that more and more high profile figures of American society are acknowledging Islamic practices and holidays is a clear indication that the presence of Islam here in America is a growing phenomenon. Christians should be on the alert, not to treat this as a threat, but as an opportunity to reach people with the Gospel who otherwise would be difficult to reach in their homelands. 

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Let's Magnify Jesus


My name is Abdul Muhammad. I grew up in an Islamic country in the Middle East. As a child I was proud to attend the local mosque with my devout father. He would tell me stories from our holy book, the Quran. I was especially fascinated with the stories about the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). The miracles of healing he performed, as well as raising people from the dead, captivated me. What incredible power he possessed.

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Syria in Crisis


One cannot read today's headlines without realizing that the country of Syria is in the throes of revolution. As of
this writing (9/13/2012), reports continue to mount regarding atrocities committed by the ruling government. Arguments abound as to where blame should be cast. UN intervention attempts have been futile. The United States currently ponders options regarding some type of intervention to avoid further bloodshed. Most parties in this battle profess to be Muslims, but how is it that they are killing one another? What started this conflict in the first place? Why is it important to know Syria's President Assad is an Alawi Muslim and represents the minority community of Alawi people?

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