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Intercede 2018

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Promoting Freedom of Speech Among Christians and Muslims

January - February 

Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and a chill wind blows. While Muslim countries limit free speech, it is troubling to see these trends coming to historically Christian nations. Limiting free speech may be detrimental to Christians and also to the spiritual well-being of Muslims. Also, these new trends come at a time when more Muslims than ever are interested in examining the biblical faith.

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The History and Beliefs of Islam: Emerging Views

March - April

Intense international focus on Islam, especially in the wake of current events, has generated renewed interest in better
understanding its claims. Unlike the story usually told by Muslims, relatively recent historical research is uncovering new facts with important implications that can help us make sense of it all. It is largely in this century that the difficulty in trying to extract accurate historical information from the traditional Muslim sources has been fully appreciated amidst the numerous contradictions noted in the Quran, traditions (hadith), and biographies (sira) of Muhammad. In this article, it will be possible to touch on just a few short, but important questions.

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Ministering to Muslims Refugees in the United States


In 2011, the Lord directed our steps to a new mission field—a major urban area in the southwest region of the United States! Our first question was: “Lord, where do we begin?” A little research told us that this area was one of the largest refugee resettlement places in the country. We further discovered that our new mission field had refugees from over 20 different ethnicities, coming from multiple religious backgrounds, including Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and even Christians. Some immigrants come from people groups that are totally unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of them have suffered from horrendous trauma and are in need of Jesus’ love.

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Unloosing the Bond of Islam, for Muslims and Non-Muslims


In Daniel’s prophetic visions, there is a description of a ruler who arises out of the wreckage of previous kingdoms.
He will be “a stern faced king, a master of intrigue, who will consider himself superior, and by causing deceit to prosper, will succeed in whatever he does, causing astounding devastation to the saints. He will become very strong but not by his own power and will destroy many when they feel secure” (Daniel 8:9-12, 23-25). Daniel prophesies that this king will be overcome, “but not by human power.”

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Is the Scandal for Muslims the How or the Who? 

As a Christian of Muslim background, I appreciate the many challenges the church has faced over the past 14
centuries in presenting the gospel to Muslims. It is not surprising there is much debate in Christian circles on how best to accomplish this commission. The fault line in this debate seems to have settled over translation issues related to the divine, familial terms, “Father” and “Son of God.” Since Bible translations rest upon certain theological and missiological foundations, any miscalculations in laying these foundations will tip the whole “House of Translation” out of plumb.

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The Jonah in All of Us


A few years ago a pastor in the Middle East was imprisoned by the dictator of his country. Upon Pastor *Majid’s release, members of his extended clan, who had fled to the safety of the West, urged him and his wife and children to join them. Bombs randomly exploded near his front door, pressure from Islamic extremists mounted, and the future was bleak. Members of his congregation regularly fled the country in hopes of finding a better life.

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