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Intercede 2014

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The Convert's Confusion

January - February 

God is not the author of confusion, not in the orderly universe he created, not in the Church he bought with his own blood, and not within the soul of his redeemed children. Yet many converts to Christ who come from Islamic families face significant and even overwhelming confusion. To the convert the source of their confusion seems to be their new relationship with Jesus Christ, when in fact it is the result of a combination of natural and demonic effects. This confusion militates against joy, peace and confidence in the Lord and can deeply shake the faith of the new believer leaving Islam.

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Muslims on American University Campuses: A Threat or Opportunity? 

March - April

So often I have observed it: about 100 Muslim students, men and women, dressed in Islamic clothing, bowing to Allah at their Friday prayers. Where is this happening? In the outdoor amphitheater, right behind the Student Center, the busiest place on a major American university campus. What else have I noticed? American non-Muslim students, standing nearby, watching. What are they thinking as they see the Muslim students do their prayers? No doubt, many different attitudes are forming.


My Muslim Friend's Wedding


I don't know that I had ever seen a more exquisite garment. It didn't hurt that the bride wearing it exuded beauty even when she dressed casually; but in this attire, my lovely Muslim friend beamed like the moon. There she sat, poised beside her turban-topped prince, whose own regalia and calm confidence intensified my awareness that this event represented the culmination of an entire community's regard for values, tradition and dignity.

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Ramadan: Conquering the Darkness of the Soul?


Ahmad shuffles through the deserted streets of his village in the dead of night echoing over and over the summons, “Get up, O faithful believers! Arise, for this is the blessed festival of Ramadan. Get out of bed and cook, eat and pray — for prayer is better than sleep.” The 3 a.m. “caller” implores the faithful, shouting through his tattered megaphone, “Eat and drink now before the sun comes up. Dine and drink now, then exercise discipline and self-control during daylight hours.”

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Blessings of the True Sacrifice


On October 4, the North American community of Muslims will celebrate the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar, The Feast of Sacrifice. As more and more Christians begin to reach out to Muslims, they will meet up with this holiday. A conversation with a Muslim acquaintance about this holiday could sound like the following conversation between Peter and his Muslim friend, Azim.

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Our Mission for the Holidays


Our family landed in Islamabad, Pakistan on Aug. 15, 1995. We were the only non-Pakistanis that stepped off the Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747. As my wife and three children disembarked through the door of the huge aircraft, the smell of jet fuel, dirt and jasmine flowers hit my senses full on. As the five of us walked the two stories down from the 747's door to the tarmac of the airport, waves of heat radiated off my face. I saw no one who looked, dressed, or spoke like me. It seemed that all eyes stared at our family — not to be rude, but because our family was as unique to them as they were to us. We were now officially in Pakistan — “The Land of the Pure (Islam)” — and we were thrilled!

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