COVID-19 and the Muslim Ummah

January/February 2021

Every Muslim is part of Islam’s ummah: a community of Muslims whose unity is guided by Allah for the advancement of Islam. Its axis is its creed: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” The Quran says that Islam’s ummah began at creation. Over time, humanity’s original ummah divided into many communities, but the best is the community of Muhammad (Quran 3:110). It calls on this ummah to obey Allah’s edicts and heed its warnings (Quran 16:12, 42:7) and to obey and follow the example of the prophet Muhammad (3:31-32) in every matter of faith and practice. Said obedience, through the rigorous maintenance of public piety, is the essence of honor in ummah and is of highest priority. It exalts the prophet and the united community of believers.

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