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Healing the Broken Family of Abraham

Healing the Broken Family of Abraham


An essential resource for the Christian worker committed to sharing Christ's love with Muslims.
Four thousand years ago in clustered desert tents festering with rivalry, Abraham banished his slave Hagar and their son Ishmael. Cast aside and embittered, this broken family seemed destined to wander the desert, insignificant and forgotten. But Ishmael grew to father kings and thrives as the cornerstone of Muslim identity. This invaluable book will give you insight into Muslim culture and will help you minister to the followers of the world's fastest growing religion.
Your ability to respectfully share Christ's love with Muslims will be strengthened as you read historical accounts and are given practical tools for ministry. You will learn about Muhammed's life and accomplishments and the major divisions that have arisen in Islam. You will discover how to share Christ with the eight major Muslim sects and the theological differences that exist between Islam and Christianity. Finally, you will be encouraged by a call to share the Gospel with Muslims and the hope that "the broken family will be healed by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ."
This book is both academic and easily readable: it is filled with quotes and citations from eminent Muslim and Western scholars and authors, yet is written in generally familiar and accessible language for the non-academician. Whether you live in a Muslim country or only occasionally encounter them in your workplace or community, this book will give you a fuller understanding of how to relate to them as individuals and not as media-driven stereotypes.
The author, Dr. Don McCurry, is a veteran missionary who has worked in Pakistan and pioneered work in Central Asia with Open Doors while that area was imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain. For more than 50 years, he has traveled throughout the world training Christians to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples among Muslims. His love and concern for Muslims is palpable and seen in every page of his writings. In addition to Healing the Broken Family of Abraham: New Life for Muslims, he is also the author of and Stepping Stones to Eternity: Jesus From the Quran to the Bible and Tales That Teach.


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