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The Qur’an and the Christian

by Matthew Aaron Bennett

The Quran and the Christian__Cover.jpg

Christians and Muslims, if grouped together, comprise the majority of the global population. Approximately 55% of the world’s inhabitants belong to one of these two great faiths, which, not surprisingly, are missionary religions. Endless interfaith possibilities and permutations exist in the areas of theology, missiology, and geo-politics.

Reviewed by Fred Farrokh

Qur'anic Geography

by Dan Gibson

Quranic Geography.jpg

Dan Gibson is an independent Canadian scholar and historian in the field of Arabian and Islamic history. Following in his father’s footsteps as a biblical historian exploring the ancient Edomites and Hyksos peoples, Dan moved to the Levant in 1979 and then to the deserts of southern Jordan in 2000 doing life-long field work.

Reviewed by Steve Krstulovich

How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations became Mainstream

by Christopher Bail

Terrified book cover.jpg

In Terrified, Christopher Bail demonstrates how the beliefs of fanatics like Terry Jones are inspired by a rapidly expanding network of anti-Muslim organizations that exert profound influence on American understanding of Islam. 

Reviewed by Steve Krstulovich

Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities

by Don Little

Effectice Discipling.jpg

In this comprehensive resource, missiologist Don Little engages the toughest theoretical and practical challenges involved in discipling believers from Muslim backgrounds. He draws on New Testament principles, historical practices and interviews with seasoned disciplers ministering in a dozen countries across the Muslim world.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

After Saturday Comes Sunday

by Elizabeth Kendal

After Saturday Comes Sunday.jpg

The post-Christian West is in decline, revived Islam is on the rise, and Mesopotamia (Syria-Iraq), the cradle of civilization, has become ground zero in a battle for civilization. In her latest book, Elizabeth Kendal opens the eyes of her readers in compelling fashion to the tragedy that has befallen Middle Eastern Christians.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Muslim Conversions to Christ

by Ayman Ibrahim and Ant Greenham

Muslim Conversions to Christ.jpg

Drawing on international scholars and practitioners in the fields of the history and nature of Islam, the Quran, Christian-Muslim relations, biblical theology, and practical missiology, this book presents a solid academic rejoinder to the IM phenomenon.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

The Qur'an and Its Biblical Reflexes

by Mark Durie

Quran and Its Biblical Reflexes.jpg

Through careful investigation of theologically charged topics such as prophecy, Satan, sin, the oneness of God, covenant, warfare, divine presence, and holiness, Durie questions whether the Qur’an and Bible really do share a deeper connection.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Answering Jihad

by Nabeel Qureshi

Answering Jihad cover.jpg

Nabeel Qureshi is the author of the New York Times bestselling Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, the only book ever to win Christian Book Awards for both “Best New Author” and “Best Nonfiction.” Nabeel is a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He holds degrees in medicine (Eastern Virginia Medical School), Christian apologetics (Biola University), and religion (Duke University). Nabeel is pursuing a doctorate in New Testament studies at Oxford University.

Reviewed by Steve Krstulovich

The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross

by Nabeel T. Jabbour

The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cro

Dr. Nabeel Jabbour is from Lebanon and lived with his family in Egypt for fifteen years. They moved to Colorado Springs in 1991. Since 1997, the Jabbours have been U.S. citizens. Although Dr. Jabbour comes from an Arab Christian background, for the first fifty years of his life, Muslims were his neighbors, teachers, friends, roommates, and later his students. 

Reviewed by Steve Krstulovich

The Hidden Origins of Islam

by Karl-Heinz Ohlig and Gerd-R. Puin

Hidden Origins of Islam.jpg

The author’s goal is to “make clear that the beginnings of Islam will only be able to be understood on the basis of historical sources, not from later interpretations, and when historical and philological questions are investigated on the basis of those sources.”

Reviewed by Steve Krstulovich

Turn Back the Battle

by Elizabeth Kendal

Turn Back The Battle.jpg

In Isaiah 1- 39, God has provided spiritual resources and a historic precedent to help us respond rightly when under siege. In these days, as Christians worldwide face escalating persecution and existential threat, it is time to hear the message of Isaiah.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Global Pentecostalism

by Donald Miller and Tetsunao Yamamori

Global Pentecostalism.jpg

Rich with scenes from everyday life, Miller and Yamamori dispel many stereotypes about this religion as they build a wide-ranging, nuanced portrait of a major new social movement. The online ancillary material features footage of Pentecostal religious worship, testimony, and social activism, and includes interviews with Pentecostal pastors and leader from around the world.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Toward a Healthier Contextualization Among Muslims

by Wonjoo Hwang

Toward Healthier Contextualization.jpg

After reviewing the historical development of Muslim evangelism models, this study provides such an analytical framework for developing a healthier contextualization model among Muslims and applies this framework to the Insider Movement by critically evaluating the biblical interpretations and missiological reasonings of the Insider Movement advocates.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Understanding Jihad

by David Cook

Understanding Jihad.jpg

This book, judiciously balanced, accessibly written, and highly relevant to today’s events, unravels the tangled historical, intellectual, and political meanings of jihad.

Reviewed by Jim Bennett

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