Journey to Understanding 
Equipping Christians to Engage
Muslims with Faith

Journey to Understanding is a resource to equip Christians with a biblical perspective toward Muslims and help believers express God’s loving heart toward them. The goal is to equip you to share the Truth about Jesus with Muslims. This easy-read accommodates both personal use as well as small group settings.

Journey to Maturity
Equipping the New Disciple
from a Muslim Background
to Follow Christ 

Journey to Maturity is uniquely geared to disciple a new Christian from a Muslim background. Part 1 addresses some of theological differences between Christianity and Islam. Part 2 provides ten discipleship lessons focused on basic biblical teachings that will help the new believer grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ. The workbook style is conducive to either individual use or small group settings.

What Christians Need to
Know about Muslims


This resource provides a short overview of how Islam began, what Muslims believe, and what most Muslims practice. It also addresses basic Muslim beliefs about Christ and Christianity, how to witness to Muslims, and what to do when a Muslim decides to follow Jesus Christ. It also discusses the challenge before us, and what we are doing to reach Muslims with the Truth about Jesus.

Sharing Your Faith
with Muslims


This book helps the reader understand Muslims and how to share the Christian faith with them. It encourages believers to realize that Muslims are people--just like you and I--who have great spiritual hunger but are lost without the hope that Jesus gives. It addresses several key things you can do to share Jesus with the Muslim people in your neighborhood, workplace, or community.  

Questions Muslims Ask

This booklet answers seven key questions that Muslims ask about Christianity. It addresses items such as their  concern regarding the corruption of the Bible, their misunderstanding about the Trinity, in general, and Jesus Christ, specifically. It addresses the Holy Spirit, the necessity of the crucifixion, and the unholy lifestyle of people who Muslims think are Christians. The content of this resource will prepare you with answers to these deep questions Muslims ask.     

Say Hello: 7-Day Devotional Guide
to Building Christ-like Friendships
with Muslim Women

This one-week challenge will prepare you to build a Christ-Like friendship that shares the Holy Spirit’s transformational power with a Muslim woman. This guide presents some basic information to help you understand your Muslim friend and begin the conversation that could change her life for eternity.

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