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Whatever Happened to Christianity?

Videos to accompany book by Dr. Fred Farrokh


This book probes deeply into the extremely urgent—but often unasked—question facing Muslims regarding when, where, and how the main body of Christians may have gone astray.

Our Urban Voices Interview
with Dr. Fred Farrokh


On this episode of Our Urban Voices, a podcast that features Christian narratives from diverse voices, Dr. Alfonse Javed talked with Dr. Fred Farrokh, a GI trainer, about the Hajj, his journey from Islam to Christ, and how the church can support Muslim-background believers better. 

Journey with Jesus is available  as a free download in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic

Kindle edition available on Amazon; Purchase hard copy for $2 each

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Say 'Hello' "Reaching out to Muslim Women: Responding to Our New Afghan Neighbors"


Lynda Hausfeld shares some personal stories about her engagement with Muslims and highlights several Say Hello resources that can help you love your Muslim friend like Jesus does.  

How to Share the Gospel with Muslims 


Listen as George P. Wood interviews Mark and Lynda Hausfeld discuss effective ways to share the Gospel with Muslims.

*audio only; not video 


Walking in Shadows


This compelling video shows the despair of the Islamic religion. It highlights the Pillars of Islam and the sense of futility Muslims experience. They live with uncertainty regarding whether all the religious duties they perform will be enough to enter Paradise.  

*video not produced by Global Initiative

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Dr. Fred Farrokh, a Christian from a Muslim Background, provides a 6-part teaching series to help Christians address spiritual questions frequently asked by Muslims.  He addresses the following questions:

  1. Is there anything an all-powerful God would not do?

  2. Do we have a legal problem with God on the Yom ad-Din (Day of Judgment) ?

  3. What is the true nature of people?

  4. What can Jesus do beyond what prophets do?

  5. Is Jesus really God in the flesh?

  6. How do we evaluate written revelation?
    (ie, comparison of Bible and Qur'an)

Muslim girl draped in American flag__Ado

Islam in America Lecture

Lecture by Dr. Mark Hausfeld

October 2, 2015 at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary at Evangel University 

Dr. Mark Hausfeld, an alum of Evangel ('80) and AGTS ('83), has 30 years of ministry experience in Chicago, Pakistan, and Central Asia. He spent seven years in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) where they started Teen Challenge Pakistan and assisted two church plants. 

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