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Join over 60,000 Christians in praying for
Muslims each Friday.  When Muslims go
to the Mosque, Christians around
the world are interceding
for their salvation. 

May 17, 2024

Please pray for...

…protection for Christian workers in Mindanao, Philippines. At a worship service in Marawi City, Islamic terrorists detonated a bomb, killing 11 people and wounding 50.

…the release of local government permits needed to add a second floor to the Pakistan Rescue Project Center in a major city of Pakistan. Muslim and Christian children are being rescued from the “brick kilns” and given hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

…church planting teams in two Muslim-majority areas of Indonesia. Team leaders say, “The gates of hell will not prevail.” Of Indonesia’s population of 277 million, 83% are Muslim.

Jumaa Prayer Live for Friday, May 17

2024 World Watch List: Algeria (15/50)*

Christianity was introduced in what is now Algeria, in North Africa, in the second century A.D. It was the dominate religion when Islam was brought in 670. Today Islam is the state religion and is followed by 99% of Algeria’s 47 million people. Christians number fewer than 200,000, most of them non-Arab Berber people living in the north, evangelical believers and converts from Islam. There are far fewer Arab believers, and they often must live a double life to avoid the intense pressure from family and community to return to Islam. Muslim extremist teachers have great influence in government and society, leading to the official intolerance of any non-Muslim worship. The Evangelical Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) has seen the closure of 43 of its 47 church buildings, the arrest of several church leaders and members, and a new restriction limiting house meetings to 10 people.


Let’s pray

  • that believers would be encouraged, stand firm, and continue to witness discretely to their Muslim neighbors;

  • for church leaders and for those involved as teachers and students in discipleship and Bible-training programs, that the Lord would protect them and equip them for still more effective ministry;

  • for Youssef Ourahmane, EPA vice president, who was arrested in March 2023 for holding an “unauthorized meeting.” On May 2, he lost a second appeal and faces a year in prison and a fine. Pray for his release, and for divine opportunities for witness. 

Additional Prayer

Image by Paul Bulai


May 19 is Pentecost Sunday, and throughout this week, Pentecostal churches in Africa and elsewhere are emphasizing the Person of and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Let’s pray for a fresh outpouring and mobilization for missions.

  • The Holy Spirit empowers us as believers to proclaim the gospel with wisdom, compassion, and boldness—no matter the cost. The risen Jesus showed his disciples the wounds inflicted on Him, then said, “As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.” He then breathed on them the Holy Spirit (Jn 20:21-22). Pray for grace to move forward in selfless obedience to reach Muslims and others for the glory of the Father.

  • The Spirit enables us to see others as the Father sees them: as His beloved creation. Pray that we as Christ-followers would be burdened with His desire to see Muslims come into His kingdom.

  • Those who walk in the Spirit exhibit His fruit, described in Galatians 5:22-23. Pray He would help us to consistently manifest this fruit before our Muslim neighbors—even those who oppose us.

Image by Brijesh Nirmal



A church leader in this Muslim-majority nation asks us to pray that God would call more workers to come serve here. Certain issues had blocked the work and caused many to leave, but today the door is open, and the need is great.

"The 'dwellers in the dark' have found the Light.

The glad Good News has banished heathen night.

The message of the Cross, so long delayed,

Has brought them life at last, Because you prayed." 

Charles B. Bowser


For more information on how to pray for people around
the world, visit 
World AG Missions Prayer Network 

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