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Join over 60,000 Christians in praying for
Muslims each Friday.  When Muslims go
to the Mosque, Christians around
the world are interceding
for their salvation. 

November 25, 2022

Please pray for...

...workers who are reaching out to Muslim Mauritanian refugees in the country of Guinea-Bissau. Opportunities for evangelism in Mauritania are limited, thus workers recognize the opportunity among Mauritanians in Guinea-Bissau as a “God thing.”

…Christian workers in Iraq who are seeing incredible opportunities to connect with Muslim seekers face to face as a result of Arabic social media campaigns. 

…the ministry of Iranian Christians among Muslim Azeri Turks who live in Iran. Many Azeri Turks have become followers of Jesus while attending house meetings in northwestern Iran.

December 2, 2022

Please pray for...


...ministries to Afghan refugees. Workers in countries adjacent to Afghanistan report that dozens of Afghan refugees have become followers of Jesus Christ and their numbers are multiplying.


…Albanian churches who are evangelizing Muslims in their country. Of Albania’s population of 3 million, 58% are Muslim, and 17% are Christian.


…Holy Spirit intervention to thwart the wicked plots of Islamic jihadists in Nigeria. Ask the Lord to reassure Nigerian Christians that He is with them always. Of Nigeria’s population of 216 million, almost half are Muslim

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Qatar, a small nation on the Arabian Peninsula, is the first Arab country to host the World Cup, which will be held November 20–December 18. Fewer than 15% of Qatar’s 2.5 million people are native Arab Qataris; foreign workers, mostly from various Asian nations, make up most of the population. Qatar is a Muslim monarchy and embraces the extremist Wahabbi Islam of neighboring Saudi Arabia. Foreign Christians are greatly restricted in their freedom to worship and share their faith, and Qatari converts face severe persecution.


As much of the world turns its attention to this nation, let’s pray: 

  • that the Lord would “use the FIFA 2022 World Cup to draw attention to the challenges facing Qatar’s Christians and bring about greater religious freedom” (Open Doors, UK);

  • that the Holy Spirit would provide opportunities for visiting believers to discreetly introduce the gospel through literature, words, and actions;

  • for the witness of Christian foreign workers, and for their protection;

  •  that house churches, largely ignored by the government but closed during the pandemic, may reopen.

For more information on how to pray for the Qatar World Cup. 

Additional Prayer










The spiritual battle in this Sahelian nation continues as extremist Muslims attempt to influence the government to abandon its status as a secular state, which allows freedom of worship, to impose Islamic law. In a recent video, an imam called for people to demonstrate for this cause; thankfully, the demonstration did not take place. But, an alumnus, reports: “In the last few days there have been many hateful words against Christians on social networks. Pray much for the church in Mali... Pray that this project to suppress secularism does not succeed. Pray that there will not be further religious conflict in Mali.”


Spiritually Divided Families: Children

An alumnus in a West African nation asks us to pray for a church member whose Muslim husband has now forbidden her to take their children to church. In Muslim families, the children belong to the father, and while he may allow his wife to follow Jesus, he is obligated to raise his children in Islam. Please pray for this family and others like it.

  • Pray that these children would hold in their hearts and minds what they have already learned about Jesus.

  •  Pray that this believing mother would have opportunities to counteract the Islamic teachings with biblical teaching.

  • Pray for Muslim parents who seek the Lord and allow their children to hear the gospel, that they would be allowed to continue.

  • Pray for the salvation of the unbelieving parents, that families may be spiritually united.

Image by Karel Mistrík
Image by Ninno JackJr