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Join over 60,000 Christians in praying for
Muslims each Friday.  When Muslims go
to the Mosque, Christians around
the world are interceding
for their salvation. 

September 30, 2022

Please pray for...

...comfort for the grieving family of Sylvia Kombi, a Christian woman of great influence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Returning from a ministry assignment, she was brutally murdered by extremist Muslims in eastern DRC.

…more intercessory prayer and fasting efforts in areas of the Middle East where “acts of Islamic witchcraft” are being used to break the power and influence of house churches.

…Suhaila, a new follower of Jesus in Iran. Fearing family retaliation, she is staying with friends. Suhaila states, “Sometimes the most unsafe place for believers in Iran is in their own houses.”  

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Pray for a Move of
God's Spirit in Algeria

Image by Islam Fersaoui
  • Once a Christian region and home of St. Augustine, the North African nation of Algeria was overrun by Arabs beginning in the 7th century.

  • Today Islam is the state religion, and all of the 27 indigenous people groups are considered unreached.

  • Of some 45 million people, only an estimated 0.07% are evangelical Christians, most of whom are less-Arabized Kabyle Berbers living in the mountainous north.

  • Churches are at best tolerated, and their witness is hampered by laws against any action that could “shake the faith of a Muslim.”

  • Believers are often ostracized by their families, harassed in their communities, even beaten and imprisoned.

  • Over the past few years government authorities have raided and closed 20 Protestant churches.


  • Let’s pray •

    • that the Lord would raise up more workers to serve Arabic-speaking Algerians, who make up most of the population; 

    • that many would hear and be touched by the Good News broadcast by various media ministries in Arabic and Berber languages through satellite radio and TV and the Internet;

    • for an end to restrictions of Bibles and Christian literature, that people may freely own and study them;

    • that the Spirit would encourage and strengthen believers in their faith, and use them to draw the attention of Muslims to the Lord, for their salvation and His glory.


Praise God, the rate of evangelical growth in Algeria
is estimated at 8%, compared to 2.6% worldwide.

Additional Prayer


 Please pray for Togolese workers (all WAAST students or graduates) assigned to the following fields:



A family recently returned to Togo after serving for several years at the Assemblies of God Bible school in the southern part of Chad. Another worker, who has been directing the Bambara-language Bible school in Mali, is transferring to Chad to continue this work. The school and its campus church trains and sends out church planters.



A new family has just arrived in Guinea. The outgoing worker has accompanied them and is helping them to get established and begin building relationships. This ministry involves a main church and several annexes as well as a primary school.




A WAAST student and his family are packing their bags for Mali even as he finishes his last semester of studies, and plan to leave just after graduation. He will be directing the Bambara-language Bible school.

  • Please pray for a smooth transition for all of these workers as they work through cultural adjustments, settle children in school, and assume their responsibilities.


  • Pray for good relationships and favor with other workers and in the communities.


  • Pray that each ministry would bear more fruit than ever.

Image by Rajiv Sadh