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Join over 60,000 Christians in praying for
Muslims each Friday.  When Muslims go
to the Mosque, Christians around
the world are interceding
for their salvation. 

September 17, 2021

Pray for...


…Pastor Alimjan Yimit, a Uyghur convert from Islam, who has served 12 years of his 15-year sentence in a Xinjiang, China prison. He states: “I thank God for sending me here so that I can share the gospel and live it out.”

…evangelism efforts aimed at unreached Muslims in Guinea-Bissau. Of Guinea-Bissau’s  population of 1.9 million, 52% are Muslim.

…victory over spiritual darkness in Bahla, Oman, the center of Islamic black magic for the Arabian Peninsula. The few believers working there report stories of witches casting curses and demons speaking through possessed family members.