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Join over 60,000 Christians in praying for
Muslims each Friday.  When Muslims go
to the Mosque, Christians around
the world are interceding
for their salvation. 

February 3, 2023

Please pray for...

…the success of gospel tracts being distributed in restricted access Muslim countries. Omar says, “In my village there are no Christians. I read a tract that was left on the bus, then I wanted to know more. Later, I was led to Jesus by a pastor in another village.”

…open doors for workers who are sharing the gospel with the Mwani people group of Mozambique. The 161,000 Mwanis are 99% Muslim.

…safety for Ali and Selma in North Africa. Ali relates, “A man in the bus was viewing the Jesus film in Arabic on his laptop. My wife and I secretly watched. She began to cry. The man gave us a copy and we are convinced to become followers of Jesus.”

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World Watch List 2023: Africa

The World Watch List, researched and presented each year by Christian NGO Open Doors, was presented January 18. This list ranks the 50 nations where Christians face the most persecution, where they are the least free to live out and share their faith. Of all the sources of persecution (e.g,, organized crime, dictatorial paranoia, clan oppression, other religions), Islamic oppression is the most prevalent. It is, sadly, no surprise that many African countries are on the list, from #2 Somalia to #45 Cameroon.


Here are some other disturbing facts drawn from this report:

  • Nineteen African nations appear on the 2023 list: 5 in North Africa and 14 in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Of these 19 nations, 12 have a Muslim population of 55% or more. In Eritrea (#4) and Nigeria (#6), Muslims make up nearly half the population.

  • In the other five countries, Muslims are a minority, accounting for between 4% (DR Congo) and 26.4% (Ethiopia) of the population. Yet even in these nations, Islamic oppression is the major driver of the persecution of Christians and the suppression of the gospel.

  • Researchers found that in 2022, 5,621 Christians were murdered worldwide—5,014 of these in Nigeria (89%). Nigeria also heads the list of the number of kidnappings of Christians: 4,726 out of 5,259 (90%).

  • Open Doors notes that “26 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa face high levels of persecution; half of these have violence scores in the ‘extremely high’ range.” Believers face not only the threat of death, but also displacement; loss of property, home, and livelihood; kidnapping; sexual abuse and forced marriage, etc.

Please join us as we pray throughout the year for these nations, for our brothers and sisters, and for the salvation of Muslims, who are precious in God’s sight!

Additional Prayer









Pray for an upcoming evangelistic outreach in a Muslim-majority part of Benin. Over a five-week period beginning in March, Pentecostal and evangelical churches will be working together to share the Good News in eleven villages.


Please pray...

  • for each pastor and volunteer worker, that they might minister in the power of the Spirit;

  • for the three-day training sessions to be held in February to prepare workers;

  • that the Holy Spirit would prepare hearts to receive the message of salvation;

  • for God’s protection over each worker in each village; this area is seeing increased terrorist activity.








Please keep praying for God’s intervention in a village in central Mali, where jihadists have demanded that the two churches be closed and the Christians leave or turn to Islam. A pastor in the area gives this update (January 19):

“The jihadists have carried out their threat: both the Protestant [Evangelical] and Catholic churches are now closed; the faithful have about a month to renounce their faith. Otherwise, they say, they will return to wage war against the faithful. The state authorities are not present in the area; the jihadists are moving about as they please. [This village], it should be remembered, is the largest Christian community in the east of [this area], and this is a great suppression of the faith that has been skillfully orchestrated and set in motion. If [this village] falls, God forbid, all the other villages will fall… So let's pray that the authorities might think of this village and protect the Christian faithful who are under oppression. Secularism [i.e., the idea that the State has no official religion and is separate from religious affairs] is seriously threatened in our country; they really mean what they say; they don't want us.”

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