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Tales that Teach

Tales that Teach


Much more than a simple autobiography, this is a collection of fascinating short stories of a life lived for the Lord, first reluctantly, then with a growing enthusiasm that filled his being with zeal and, more than that, a deep abiding love for followers of a religion that often inspires fear and anger in non-Muslims. Though many of these stories took place in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, they speak as if they were happening today. These tales are written as if Don were communicating with you in the comfort of your living room. There is a mission that he shares with his readers coming out of these tales that speaks of victories and mistakes, of lessons learned in time and lessons learned too late. Most of all, they transmit encouragement to all readers, those with an overt mission to win Muslims to Christ in other countries and those who simply want to learn by example how to communicate Christ’s love to Muslims in their neighborhood or workplace. Don McCurry is most literally a world traveler and world citizen. These tales follow his treks across Pakistan, his and his family’s home for decades, then ministering behind the Iron Curtain, and more recently as a much-sought-after speaker and teacher spanning the globe with his ministry to Muslims. The stories contain drama, humor, adventure, and history, but always carry with them the conviction that Muslims have in the past and will in the future come to love Jesus Christ.The author, Dr. Don McCurry, is a veteran missionary who has worked in Pakistan and pioneered work in Central Asia with Open Doors while that area was imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain. For more than 50 years, he has traveled throughout the world training Christians to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples among Muslims. His love and concern for Muslims is palpable and seen in every page of his writings. In addition to Tales That Teach, he is also the author of Healing the Broken Family of Abraham: New Life for Muslims and Stepping Stones to Eternity: Jesus From the Quran to the Bible.


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