Every Muslim Must Know The Truth About Jesus!

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Who We Are

Since 1982, Global Initiative has been equipping and mobilizing the Church to reach Muslims everywhere with the Good News about Jesus.

Global Initiative started a prayer network that has grown to a Fellowship of over 60,000 believers who join in prayer every Friday at Noon.


We also provide training of the national church around the world so they can effectively share the Gospel message with Muslims in their own communities. 


Furthermore, we provide resources to equip Christians to lovingly share Jesus with Muslims who desperately need to know the Truth about Jesus. 

Join us in introducing Muslims to Jesus!

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Join over 60,000 Christians every Friday at Noon to pray for the salvation of Muslims around the world.

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Equipping Christians to Engage Muslims with Faith

Journey to Understanding is a resource to equip Christians with a biblical perspective toward Muslims and help believers express God’s loving heart toward them. The goal is to equip you to share the Truth about Jesus with Muslims. This easy-read accommodates both personal use as well as small group settings.


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