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Intercede 2000

Muslim girl draped in American flag__Ado

The Face of Islam in the
United States


The number of adherents to Islam in the United States began to increase dramatically in the 1960s when immigration requirements were relaxed by the Johnson administration. This opened the door for large numbers of Muslims from Islamic nations to legally enter the United States. Since that decade, Muslims have continued to enter the United States at a rate of about 100,000 a year.


Why it is so Difficult for a Muslim to become a Christian

March - April

Let's follow the life of Abdullah* from birth to adulthood to determine the reasons why it becomes nearly impossible for Muslims to become Christians. The stumblingblocks in Abdullah's path accumulate until Christianity becomes a distorted religion and the gospel is foolishness to him. Then our Muslim friend will experience the grace of God in his life. 

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Behind China's Great Wall


A thousand years ago, they descended upon China's heartland from the north...these horse-riding Mongolian conquerors of the world. They were the mighty Khan's men. They came to rule, but for a brief time. They have remained for a millennium. Today they are among the region's poorest and least educated peoples. The Donxiang, as they are known, eke out a survival existence as potato farmers in the dry, barren hills of southern Gansu Province. 

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Integrating Muslim Converts
into the Church


The ethnic makeup of Christians in the West has been undergoing a transformation over the past few decades. We are grateful to God that part of that transformation includes many people from Muslim backgrounds. Because of this, the quest has arisen," How do we integrate this new wave of believers into the Church in the West?"


Unequally Yoked


She's a Muslim, I thought as my eyes caught sight of the veiled woman in line ahead of me. Probably an immigrant. But when I heard her speak to the checkout lady, I realized that she had a very distinct American accent. And when I got a better look at her, I saw she had blue eyes and wisps of blonde hair had escaped her veil. Why? I pondered. Having studied Islam for many years and knowing its teachings concerning women, I cannot understand why American women marry Muslim men. 

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Persecution Today


No one should ever have to see what 9-year-old Marlan Pontoh saw. While attending a youth retreat on Indonesia's Ambon Island, Marlan and his friends were attacked and herded together by fanatical Muslim villagers on a murderous rampage. But for Marlan, the worst was yet to come. 

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