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Intercede 2001

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Power Encounters Advance Evangelism Among Muslims


Stories of supernatural intervention like this abound in Muslim settings because traditional Muslims accept the reality of what is not seen as well as what is seen. The average Muslim not only believes in the supernatural, but is also involved, to a greater or lesser extent, with spiritual forces and phenomena.

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Muslim Fundamentalism

March - April

We know that even today evangelical Christians in the States are often referred to as "Christian fundamentalist." However, the world's people are also using the term "fundamentalist" when referring to radical Muslims as well. Yet as we look closely at the "work" of the Muslim radicals in many areas of the world, we see that although they use the "cover" of "a movement stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles," they are oftentimes driven more by political motivations than by religious motives. 


Friendship Evangelism


In the fifth century A.D., a bishop named Patrick was called by God to minister among the Irish Celts. Because he understood them, Patrick realized that reaching the Celts with the gospel would require a remarkably different approach than the usual Roman method of evangelism. Thus, Patrick and his co-laborers developed a ministry based on hospitality and friendship. By the time of his death, Patrick had started a movement that not only saved the Celts, but has been credited with the saving of most of Europe. 


CMM's Three-fold Vision: Enlist, Encourage, Equip


Today, God is building His church among some of the world's most resistant Muslim people! A Nigerian missionary who labors faithfully among animistic and Muslim Fulani people, recently described how many nomads are coming to Christ. He said, "They hear the gospel and come to Christ. We baptize and disciple them, and then after a few weeks they resume their nomadic way of life. It's disappointing that we don't often see them again, but in our follow-up, we find that they have become carriers of the gospel and planters of churches."

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Using Media to Reach Muslims


When 14-year-old Judy McGinnis (not her real name) sits down at the computer and logs into her favorite AOL chat room, the other participants may be in for a real surprise. Judy's site-of-choice is an on-line "room" where Muslims (nearly always men) discuss spiritual questions. Hearing from an American teenager in the Midwest that Jesus is the answer is far from the Qur'anic verses and Islamic advice they usually get. 

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Third World Missions


It makes no difference what direction we travel -- whether it be Latin America, Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, or even Europe -- we are encountering an incredible move of God among believers. The church in many emerging nations is experiencing a great spiritual revival...a revival God is using to expand his end-time labor force.

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