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Join over 60,000 Christians in praying for
Muslims each Friday.  When Muslims go
to the Mosque, Christians around
the world are interceding
for their salvation. 


August 14, 2020


  • ... isolated, secret Saudi believers, known only to their Father in Heaven—that they may be encouraged and comforted by the Holy Spirit. Of Saudi Arabia’s 34 million people, 92% are Muslim.

  • Christians in Turkmenistan, especially converts from Islam, as they face difficult times, especially in their dealings with the authorities. Of Turkmenistan’s 6 million people, 94% are Muslim.

  • … a group of young Uzbeks, all former Muslims, whose meetings at a local church were disrupted by police. After being detained and warned for 40 minutes at the local police station, all were released. Of Uzbekistan’s 33 million people, 83% are Muslim.

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