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Good Trade

One day a Muslim friend from India approached me and asked me a very interesting question: "Are you thinking of joining our side (becoming a Muslim)? He may have asked because I was attending their Friday prayer ritual, which I do as a part of my ministry outreach. I respectfully, but firmly, answered him, "No! No, I am not. I am thoroughly convinced in my heart about what I know the Holy Bible teaches and I don't want to trade what I have through my faith in Jesus Christ for something that has no certainty and no eternal value."

The idea of "trade" reminded me of the 1990 movie, "Dances with Wolves," and a scene where the U.S. Army Lieutenant Jon Dunbar trades his U.S. Army hat with a Lakota Sioux warrior for a knife and sheath. Another Sioux warrior standing behind him says with a smile, "Good Trade!"

I do pray and believe for Muslims to experience a "Good Trade." By a supernatural work of God in their hearts, they can trade

  • uncertainty for assurance,

  • captivity for freedom,

  • anxiety for peace and joy,

  • ritual for relationship,

  • darkness for light,

  • fear for faith,

  • falsehood for Truth.

I have been honing my personal testimony to include telling my Muslim friends of the joy I have in my life due to possessing these seven gifts from God through my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I want them to be willing to make a Good Trade that matters both for now and Eternity.

The most critical Good Trade that all Muslims must make is trading their Quran for the Bible, the Holy Word of God. What grieves me at their Friday meetings is hearing the Imam say, "The Quran confirms and completes the books that came before it, especially the Holy Bible." I made sure to tell the Imam how false that claim is! The Quran does not confirm the most important biblical Truths, like the crucifixion of Christ or that salvation is by grace not by works. In fact, it fiercely denies them or contradicts them. That's why giving out copies of the New Testament, the Gospel of John, or Christian tracts are so important. Pray that when Muslims receive a copy of the Word of God they would read it carefully to see their need to trade quranic falsehood for biblical Truth. The Holy Bible is God's ONLY True revelation to man! Satan sows fear in all Muslims who want to read the Bible. Please pray against his work.

Pray that the Gospel Light will shine into the hearts of Muslim people (2 Cor. 4:6) so they may be compelled by The One True God to make the Good Trade of captivity (2 Tim 2:26) for biblical freedom that comes from believing and following the Only Savior--Jesus Christ.

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