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Is the Spirit World Real?

Modernism relegates the belief in the supernatural to myth, superstition, and lack of education. However, millions of people around the world live in fear of evil spirits. They blame their circumstances on external forces beyond their control.

The extent to which people believe in the intrusion of spirit beings ranges from attributing the incidental inconveniences of everyday life to the spirits to blaming demons for disease, famine, war, and death. People feel helpless and powerless without the help of supernatural forces, which they perceive as a means to counteract the effect of evil forces.

Multitudes of people turn to magic, witchcraft, and other ways of manipulating the spirit world. They are more concerned with answers to the problems of everyday life than about questions concerning God, eternity, and judgment.

The Bible assumes the reality of the spirit world and the operation of spirit beings in the earthly realm. The Gospel records indicate that even Jesus encountered evil spirits. On one occasion, Jesus encountered an evil spirit in a house of prayer in Capernaum. Jesus ordered the spirit to come out of the man. After shaking the man violently, the evil spirit came out of him with a shriek. The people were amazed that He taught with such authority and that even the evil spirits obeyed him (Mark 1:23-27).

No human power can counteract the power of Satan or his demons. People have tried various remedies, such as incantations, formulas, witchcraft, visiting the graves of dead saints, or wearing charms and amulets, in an effort to neutralize or reverse the powers of evil spirits, but one must come to understand that only the power of God can deliver from the power of evil spirits.

Don McCurry (2021), veteran missionary to the Muslim world, gives this warning:

Secular humanism does not recognize the spirit world. It leads to a kind of blindness to what is actually going on in the spiritual world. Consequently, it leads to powerless Christianity; additionally, it leads to a lack of discernment in recognizing demonically empowered phenomena in human behavior. (McCurry, Jesus’ Love for Folk Muslims, 85, emphasis added)

The modernist, who insists that the spirit world does not exist, is naïve, but the person who blames every ailment, problem, and danger upon evil spirits is also wrong. Many problems are caused by our own ignorance, the malevolence of others, or disease. People often blame demons for the wickedness of human beings. On the other hand, many people, especially in the West, do not acknowledge the evil activity of the demon world.

Muslim people the world over live in fear with no one to help them. In this state, they turn to jinn (spirit beings) to provide consolation and help. How about you? Where do you turn when your life is flipped up-side-down? Have you accepted the secular humanistic approach to life? If so, allow the Word of God to speak to you without filtering it through someone else’s preconceived assumptions, based on secular ideas rooted in unbelief. Your conclusions will affect how you rely on God’s power and how you deal with the power of Satan in your life and ministry.

Scriptures for Study and Meditation

  • Ephesians 6:12-13

  • Matthew 10:1

  • Matthew 12:30

  • Matthew 17:16-20

  • 1 John 5:19

  • 2 Corinthians 4:4

  • 1 Peter 5:8-9

  • James 4:7-8

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