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Issues Muslim American Muslims are Wrestling With, Part 2

American Muslims are very diverse. Essentially, the diversity of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims is reflected and compressed within the American Muslim community, which is 1/200th the size of the global umma (Muslim community)! Each Muslim people group and every Muslim family is dealing with unique issues. In a previous blog, I dealt with the issues of assimilation, integration, and victimization that are facing Muslim Americans. Here are some more of the main issues presently confronting the Muslim community:

Materialism vs. Spirituality

As many Christians know, sometimes it is easier to focus on the visible material world around us than the spiritual world that is unseen. This issue is relevant for many hard-working Muslim immigrants who immediately seek to better their futures by pursuing the “American Dream.” In this pursuit, they likewise struggle with prioritizing the spirituality of life.

Superficiality vs. Sincerity

Islam emphasizes outward forms and ceremonial cleanliness; yet many Muslims sincerely desire to cultivate internal piety.

Human Laws vs. Islamic Law

Islamic Law, based on the Qur’an, the Hadith, and Islamic jurisprudence, is known as “Shariah,” or “The Way.” Many Muslims have come to the freedom-loving West to get away from militant elements of the Shariah that is now undergoing a renaissance in a variety of Muslim nations. Many Muslims are themselves wondering: Why do man-made laws tend to create more freedom than Allah’s laws? What should our position be toward promoting features of Shariah Law in the US?

Women’s Issues of Purity vs. Modernity

For the Muslim community, women’s issues impact men, women, and children. Many American Muslims are uncomfortable with the promiscuity of the West, while they are simultaneously uncomfortable with the complete veiling of women that is being emphasized by Islamists worldwide. Like many Christians, they seek to find the right balance between purity and modernity. Muslim families are seeking to find the best options going forward.

Radicalization of Loved Ones

The resurgence of Jihad worldwide is also affecting American Muslims, especially as some young Muslims have left the US to wage Jihad in the Middle East. Others have taken up the sword of Jihad stateside. Many Muslims are concerned that their loved ones may become radicalized through social media or jihadist preachers here or abroad. Like American Christian parents, American Muslim parents are concerned for the well-being of their children.

Some of these issues are similar to issues American Christians are facing, while others are different. Please continue to pray for our Muslim friends and neighbors


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