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Urgency of Mission in Africa

The World Watch List, a helpful index researched and published annually by Open Doors, ranks the 50 nations where Christians face the greatest persecution. The 2022 World Watch List was recently released so that we can pray for Christians in these lands where persecution is intense. You can access the new World Watch List at:

Thirty nations on this year's List cite Islamic oppression as the main driver of persecution. In nine other nations, Islam is the majority religion. Even in the remaining 11 nations on the list, where Islam is not a major factor, those from Muslim families typically face opposition from their families and/or communities. Four of the top 10 nations where Christians face intense persecution are in Africa: Somalia (#3), Libya (#4), Eritrea (#6), and Nigeria (#7). Africa certainly needs our prayers!

The World Watch List notes that 18 of the nations on the 2022 list are on the African continent--6 in North Africa and 12 in sub-Saharan Africa. In every case, except Ethiopia, Islam is the main religion and/or the main instigator of persecution. Clearly, we need to focus prayer on the continent of Africa! God loves these people and desires that they should know the truth about Jesus!

Pray for Muslims to come to Christ through the witness of Christians in these nations. Pray for divine revelations and the intervention of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Muslims. Pray that the Lord would lead seekers to those who can lead them to Jesus and help them continue in the faith. Pray for encouragement and

boldness for Christians as they live with and influence Muslims around them--while living in a context of persecution. Let's continue to intercede, knowing that our God hears and answers!

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